Thursday, November 13, 2014

Our House, Is A Very, Very, Very Fine House!

I have had many homes in my 5 years in SL, but the Willoby Ranch Home from BellaRose Furniture & Homes is by far my favorite! I love everything about it...The realistic hardwood floors, the amazing textured walls which give them depth, and the incredible detail that shows how this build was really a labor of love. All of Bella's creations are stunning. From the beautifully crafted homes, gorgeous furnishings, and she even has  so many "bits and bobs" to complete every surface...Truly something for even the most distinguished can be found at  BellaRose Furniture & Homes.

Home: BellaRose Furniture & Home-Willoby Ranch Home (2-3 Bedroom)
Furnishings: BellaRose, The Loft, Trompe Leoil, Mudhoney, Dutchie, Pilot, Apple Fall, !!Follow US!!, and Surplus Motors
Photos By: The amazingly patient Cruz Quinnell, who put up with my wild decorating <3!

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