Saturday, May 10, 2014

Summer Sunday Brunch with *~Aphrodite~*

I want you all to know as soon as I saw the "Summer Joy" brunch set from *~Aphrodite~*, I knew I needed to have it! Seriously, I saw the notice drop and within 2 minutes I was at the store in jammies with no hair on, sitting in a chair, eating bruschetta. I am so impressed with every piece of this set...The chairs and table textures are so detailed, the food looks so delicious that I now have a craving for deviled And there's much more! When you sit on one of the chairs, you have choices to eat and drink. Once you choose what you would like to eat or drink, it appears in you hands with proper utensils! Then when your done it disappears. How cool is that?! Also what every great host/ hostess needs to put on an amazing gathering is a serving tray. Once again *~Aphrodite~* has risen to that! Check out the "Exclusive Blends" tea tray in my hand, which comes complete with "waiter" animation. Again, the level of detail is absolutely beautiful. I really cant say enough great things about this Summer Joy brunch set, and the tea tray. I shall conclude with saying, a picture may be worth a thousand words...but you really need to visit the store in world! A must have for any garden party, and a perfect gift for the special "Mom" in your life. In fact I'm inviting my Mom over for a Mother's Day Brunch today. Special thank you to my hubby, Cruz for taking such lovely pictures <3!

*~Aphrodite~*-Summer Joy Brunch Set-Includes: 2 chairs, table w/ tablecloth, and all the food. 
*~Aphrodite*~ Exclusive Blends Tea Tray (As seen in lower picture)
                                                  Shopping City (213,10,25) 

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