Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sleep In Style...Featuring Koastal Living!!!

Koastal Living...The best new furniture and home place on the grid! Kris Juneau, former co owner of the well known JJ Lanes store, has branched out and opened Koastal Living. In a virtual world where if you can dream it you can do it, he has literally knocked this one out of the park! (Lol...Kris is also a Yankees fan too) If you are looking for high quality, realistic, and very detailed furniture, then Koastal Living is the place you need to go. Even if you're not looking, I guarantee if you just go to browse you will bring something home with you.
Canberra is the newest bedroom set. Who wouldnt want this in both lives?! This is a bedroom that seriously makes you just want to invite people in to see. The level of detail and accessories is second to none I have ever seen. The beautifully rich textures are so amazing. Now let's talk animations in the pieces. Kris has added such an extensive menu that can please everyone. The cuddles & sleep are too cute! Psst, the "sexy time"... all I can say is WOW! Sold separately though in a "Adult or PG" version. Even the radio really works and has real channels you can use. I love the entire set, but what I love most is the Parakeets! How cute are they?! I have raised them in RL and these look identical, and they're kissing! Serious "Awwww" factor!!!  Koastal Living gets my 2 thumbs up! Special thanks to Cruz Quinnell for taking these awesome pics...<3 Hubby!

Koastal Living: Canberra Bedroom Set Includes: This is the complete set...Can purchase pieces separately.
-Bed w/ Xpose engine
-Lattice Room Divider
-Vanity Table & Stool
(Antique Table Lamp & Daffodil Vase-Pictured on Vanity)
-Linen Cupboard
 (Three Deco Vases, Sheet Stack, Rolled Towels, Lotion Bottle-Pictured Inside)
-Bedside Table
 (3 Deco Birds Statue & Antique Platter of Candles-Pictured on Tables)
-Comfy Chair
-Step Ladder
-Vintage Radio
-Love Birds In Cage
-SilverLady Plant

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